Recycling violence: How maps about terrorism fail to round up the argument

By Rodrigo Bueno Lacy, Henk van Houtum & Kevin Raaphorst The truncated picture When it comes to maps about terrorism, there is a pervasive cartopolitical misrepresentation. Predominantly, maps depicting terrorism tend to zoom into either the ‘Middle East’ or ‘the West’. The visual construction of these regions as geopolitical realities justifies their cartographic dissection and…

The Compass to Cartopolitics Manifesto

The Nijmegen Centre for Border Research (NCBR) is fascinated by the duality that makes borders the arenas of suffering, death, and oppression but also the theaters of desire, adventure, and freedom. Persuaded that maps create borders in minds before they create them in space, this blog aims at exploring alternative ways of representing those borders….